E-REON is offering an extended portfolio of solutions and services.

We are serving Clients in:

Semiconductor Industry


  • Design services (CAD-CAM)
  • CFD, Electrothermal Fatigue, Analysis
  • Application/ Evaluation systems design and production
  • Package Parasitic Modelling (3D EM analysis)

Passive Component Manufacturers

  • Package parasitic Modelling
  • Rth Definition
  • Custom Laboratory RF/MW Amplifiers for Design Verification/ Qualification


White Goods Manufacturers

  • Custom high power Amplifiers
  • System Integration

Industrial Heating Equipment manufacturers

  • Multi KW power amplifiers
  • Passive Components (waveguides, high power combiners)
  • 3D EM based design and services (Resonant cavities design/analysis, probe/ applicators)

RF Ignition

  • Pulsed multi KW amplifiers and exciters
  • Solid State Switches for pulse distribution (Pin diode)

RF Lighting / LASER / PLASMA Equipment Manufacturers

  • Pulsed amplifiers and exciters, with embedded real time load’s complex impedance measurement capability

Medical Instruments

  • Multi KW pulsed Amplifiers for CT scanners
  • Multichannel amplifiers and phase coherent multichannel exciters for Hyperthermia
  • Power amplifiers for RF ablation.


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