New Ultra Low Noise PSU

"Why a company that specializes in RF and MW hardware design and development would invest into the development of power supply modules?"

We are often asked by our customers this question.

The reason is very simple. When your LO specs are tight enough to make you think that maybe using a battery to power up your PLL will save your day, or when you see your dc dc converter's spurious leaking through your gate bias no matter or the filtering, to the output spectrum, when your LNA needs to be powered by a 3.3V PSU and you have a 48V available but noisy source, or when your transponder will be mounted on a UAV and you have a range of input voltages to feed your module, then you need some power supplies that are conforming to these special design requirements posed by sensitive and demanding RF circuitry.
After having tested a great number COTS psu modules we decided to develop a series of PSUs with enhanced SWaP figures and very low output noise characteristics. Below some of those commercially available drop in modules. Top two modules operate 5.5 to 36V @1amp and lower one 5 to 42V adjustable from low Vin to 15V at 2Amps