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Through our pool of previous projects, E-REON has developed a range of fully customizable RF and Digital products. Our products can be used off the shelf or tailored to meet customer's exact requirements. A proven development platform will enable a successful kick start of the project.

power amplifiers

SBAND HPS 2730M 60+

SBAND HPS 2730 60+ is a compact, highly efficient, solid state power amplifier in 19” 3U rack chassis form that delivers 1000 watts of peak power at 2856 MHz. The amplifier provides 70 dB of gain with -30dBs gain variation capability. Based on the latest and more mature LDMOS transistor technology, this high power amplifier achieves drain efficiency of more than 50% in the high power transistors level.

test system automation

32 way Termination Load

E-REON’s DML 5032 is a compact, multichannel RF termination load offered in a 19” 3U, industry standard casing for ease of installation in rack or bench top configurations.

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