About us

E-REON B.V. is a Dutch technology driven enterprise. Since founding in 2015, our business focus on RF&Microwave Solutions.  E-REON's team designs, develop and manufacture  RF&Microwave products for commercial, defense and industrial systems.


The main Product line includes Broadband Power Amplifier module, Pulsed Power Amplifier module, Rack-mount Amplifier subsystem. According to requests of customer, E-REON's engineers can develope wide range of RF&Microwave products from 1 MHz to 24 GHz.

We are Engineers first and foremost

More and more companies need to reach for a proactive partner who can become part of the design process as well as providing production services. This approach enables cost-efficiency, and also speeds up time-to-market. E-REON can contribute in designing for today's needs while planning for tomorrow.

Our competences

in-house design skills

With an excitement for RF and Hybrid product design, our team are technical experts in their field who understand the importance of customer's requirements. Our team includes RF Engineers, High speed Digital Engineers, Embedded Software Engineers, Hardware Designers and RF and Digital Technicians.

Design tools
  • ECAD (Altium)
  • MCAD (Autodesk Suite)
  •  Circuit Simulation (Agilent Suite)
  • Analog Design (Spice)
  • Thermal Simulations (Flowtherm)
  • 3D EM ( Simulia Suite)


E-REON provides all the in-house machinery, skills and technology required to assemble SMD and special RF components, working with modern equipment in our production facility. We constantly make great effort to deliver top-quality products and services in the most efficient way possible.

In house machinery
  • PnP machine (Essemtec)
  • Vapor phase oven (IBL)
  • Solder paste printer
  • Drying cabinet 
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Optical Inspection

System integration

E-REON provides installation and integration of circuit card assemblies and sub-modules into higher level assemblies from small factor modules up to rack systems enabling us to build the entire product. We assemble and encase the circuit boards, procure or manufacture the needed cables, install software and pass the necessary testing, thus delivering a complete, finished product which our customer can start using immediately. In a nutshell we bring electronics and mechanics together. 

  • Milling machine
  • Soldering station
  • Harness manufacturing
  • Production Test Jigs
  • Assembly station
  • Top Level Integration

in house rf laboratory

Our fully equipped Test and Measurement laboratory provides test capability together with burn-in screening of our hardware developments, with frequencies up to 26.5 GHz and output power in excess of 10kW. Calibrated network & spectral analysis, noise and power measurement, ensures that the product is fully tested for compliance and quality be it for a single module, or a large quantity of custom designed sub-systems.

  • VNA (Agilent)
  • Spectrum Analyzer ( Agilent)
  • Power meter (Rohde & Schwarz)
  • RT oscilloscope (Tektronix)
  • Extreme temperatures prof. chiller
  • Thermal Camera

OUR TRusted partners

We believe in partnership. Every single partner we have co-operated with empowers us to produce a better quality of technical support and create a better relationship with partners and clients. 


Contact us to investigate how we can approach and solve your mission-critical challenges.