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E-REON designs and manufactures a complete family of radio frequency (RF) microwave products including power amplifiers, high power signal sources, frequency converters and waveguide passives . These products are utilized in industrial systems, mobile communications, radar systems, medical equipment, UAV communications, and electronic warfare systems. Services include full mechanical and electrical design capabilities on all our RF product solutions.

rf design services

RF and MW Amplifier Design

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of solid state power amplifier (SSPA), high power pulsed amplifier, and RF power amplifier system for radar, jamming, communication, test and measurement, and other commercial and industrial market.

RF Product Development

Develop innovative, complex techniques for ensuring the testability and manufacturability of integrated circuits from the component feasibility stage through production ramp.

passive components design

Passive components for various applications that have been driven by reliability, performances, new functionalities, mass and volume saving and especially cost reduction

test & Measurement systems

 Wireless solutions call for automated test solutions, through all the product life cycle already from design evaluation up to product certification and production testing. E-REON provides RF Switching solutions,  Channel Emulators that enable time and cost-efficient testing of wireless systems and devices.

System Modernization

Develop modernized replacements for obsolete and unsupported communications, telemetry and electronic warfare systems.

Engineering services

From concept, to design, qualification and production  we provide a variety of RF design services to suit your needs.

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