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RF driver for medical Klystron

A well established Tier 1 enterprise with Global Footprint in the development of medical MRI equipment, engaged E-REON in developing a high-power RF source to be used as the excitation unit of a subsequent amplification line up that was driving a Klystron tube. The unit needs to be capable of storing specific pulse formats with regards to amplitude/ duty cycle and pulse duration, operate in open loop or closed fast ALC, and present enhanced reliability figures (MTTF), short MTTR, and a detailed on-line BITE control.
Challenges: very tight specifications regarding pulse to pulse stability, very short pulse rise/ fall times, Design for reliability (exhaustive testing and design verification/qualification processes), design for integration in EMI critical equipment.
At a glance
  • High power RF Source
  • Conceptual Design to Production
  • Life Cycle Maintenance
  • TDP
  • Medical Klystron

 Radar IF pulse envelope detector

The Customer/Integrator was on search of a drop-in replacement of a custom hardware module responsible for the envelope detection of radar pulses (part of a field deployed radar system). This project is part of a life extension program of the back- end system of an L-band Radar, undertaken by our customer. E-REON participated as the responsible party of preparing the initial Feasibility study and present the technical solutions available as also the associated cost studies for the development and maintenance throughout the extended life of 10 more years.
Challenges: Provide the solution packaged in the same dimensions to the original unit (pin to pin replacement unit), with the same or better power consumption and same electrical behavior in (transient and variation over temp extremes) to the original unit. A first testboard involved trimming elements for the adjustment of various time constants of the circuit which were replaced with standard value components in the final product.
At a glance
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Feasibility study
  • Prototype
  • Qualification
  • TDP delivery

RF ENergy drying applicator

Our Customer was interested in understanding the benefits of RF-Energy and the replacement of magnetron tubes with Solid State Amplifiers, in RF drying Applications. We were involved in the technical feasibility study, system design, and architecture of a multi-KW system with coherent excitation.
Challenges: Real time adjustment of phases and amplitudes of 42 amplifiers (closed loop monitoring). 3D EM simulations for definition of excitation points of the power amplifiers based on least cross-coupling. On line health monitoring of PAs and readjustment of the operation point based on failure of up to 25% of the total number of PAs.
at a glance
  • R&D
  • Feasibility Study
  • System Design
  • 3D EM Simulation
  • RF Energy
  • Technology transfer


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